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Tønsberg Workshop Noah McKenna

Introducing Soundmoves Yoga

  • 400 norske kroner
  • Tønsberg


Vi er så glade for å introdusere for deg all Soundmoves Yoga-metoden av Noah Mckenna. I denne 2 timers workshopen vil du få muligheten til å gjenopprette og revitalisere kropp og sinn, les videre for mer informasjon: Soundmoves method uses music to breath at resonant frequency. This practice promotes Heart Rate Variability and brings the mind into a state of coherence by synchronising the heart with the breath. During the workshop we stretch and move with the breath. Noah includes the best yin stretches to touch the connective tissue. Isometrics target the core muscles. Fluid flow aligns the joints and dissolves tension. We finish with high energy cardio to flush the body with oxytocin and endorphins. Bio: Noah Mckenna has been teaching Yoga for over 20 years and practicing since 1989. He lived for a long time in India where he had the chance to learn from many masters and traditions His therapeutic practice combines Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Bodywork and Breathwork into a unique approach to Yoga Therapy. In recent years Noah has developed Soundmoves by adapting resonant frequency breathing into all the modalities of his classes and private sessions. With over 300 graduates from over a decade of teacher-training Noah manages to bridge the art and science of yoga into the field of education. "The Soundmoves course was so effective in calming the nervous system, re-balancing energy within the body and bringing you back to a state of ease. I slept very well after every practice & loved the rhythm & natural flow of the movements. It feels in harmony with the body's way of moving, without causing any strain on joints or muscles. A fantastic addition to your yoga practice and highly recommended" - Lara Darby

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