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element yoga co. bringing together yoga in kongsberg

Fredag 11 Decemeber 2020 was the official media release of the new element yoga co. in kongsberg and the announcement of the merger between sense yoga and hot yoga kongsberg from January 2021....

I am so excited to bring this together in Kongsberg and try to keep the yoga hub alive! Covid 19 closure in 2020 almost closed our sense yoga centre, but this is the last bid attempt to try and save it!! We need 85 members in total to keep this afloat! From a town of 25,000 people I am sure this will be achievable!

I honestly cant do it without your help, I am still new here in Kongsberg, so sharing is caring. If you love the yoga we provide and like to support, please share with others and help to spread the word that we have a exciting yoga hub in kongsberg!!

So why support us and what is new coming with the element yoga co. merger??

In early 2021 we are bringing some amazing new classes! First in Kongsberg and actually one of these classes are the first to come in Norway!!

Aerial yoga - first in Kongsberg

for full info, visit our coming soon page!

Fly gong meditation yoga - first in Norge

for full info, visit our coming soon page!

Calisthenics Yoga - first in Kongsberg (second place to run in Norge)

for full info, visit our coming soon page!

Monthly workshops and special classes with special guest instructors!

New hot yoga class! Warm Core & Flex


New morning yoga flows and pranayama practice - breathe easy 3 times a week with a wake up session with me!

We also have some exciting new instructors coming in to teach at both the hot yoga and sense yoga studios.

Next week a public special trial offer will be announced for people who want to try our centre! I have emailed a special offer to all our current members, to reward for your continuing support.

To find out more information, either email me direct on - visit our website or make contact through social media. I am happy to answer any questions you have.

Have a wonderful Jul & a happy new year....

Love, Amy xx

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