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How I accidentally and finally began Kongsberg's first hot yoga studio.....

Oppdatert: 9. sep. 2020

Since moving to Norway in 2018 I have really suffered during the dark periods and also from the exposure to the lowest temperatures my body has ever experienced.

So for me, as a hot yoga enthusiast and a teacher one of my first quests in the winter of 2018 was to try and find myself a nice snug hot yoga studio to melt in....

It was a bit devastating to realise that hot yoga had not made it to Kongsberg yet....

So I set out on a quest to establish and find myself a space where hot yoga was possible.

12 months quickly passed and this thought was pushed behind the 1001 reasons a person gets distracted from their life goals in the every day grind.

One random day at the gym a friend Martin mentioned he was taking ashtanga yoga classes with Pia Kalhof and it was so nice and warm in there....

Later that evening I had a lightbulb moment and asked for Pia's details.

A quick meeting and a practise session later I realised I had accidentally but finally found my hot yoga haven in Kongsberg!

Two weeks later I hosted the first ever prøvetime hot yoga in Kongsberg and it was a great success.

So there it is, the flash moment, that brought it all together.

Life is pretty amazing. Sometimes you meet the right people in the right place and things seem to come together....

Special thanks to Thomas, Pia and Martin!

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